Explore The Brink


The Brink Eco Estate is as it’s name suggests, a private residential nature reserve. Properties (vacant plots) are large, allowing for modern architectural design in harmony with nature.


The Brink enjoys a stunning variety of landscapes. The deep indigenous coastal forests teem with bird life and small game. The coastal cliffs are dramatic and host sea birds, dassies and small lizards. Enjoy the smell of the sea and the larger visitors such as whales and dolphins. The beach is set in a deep valley and is pristine.

The Brink Eco Estate is a private residential nature reserve

Walking Trails

Various trails have been laid out through the estate winding their way through the forest and the cliffs above the ocean.

Dollieskraal Beach

Whale Deck

The whale deck forms part of the cliffside walking trail above the crashing waves. Enjoy watching the birds, the whales (in season) and the dolphins as they pass by. There is a small parking area close to the deck.

Dollieskraal Beach

This small secluded beach is accessible only by walking. The access is via a small road and then via a staircase. Enjoy swimming and fishing, chances are you’ll be the only ones there!


At The Brink we take our residents safety seriously. Various measures are in place which include: Biometric Access control, gate house, guarding patrols, camera systems, thermal cameras, beams, electric fencing, fencing and the natural barrier of the cliffs and the ocean.

Roads & Infrastructure

All roads and infrastructure are in place and completed. Infrastructure includes: Gate House, security assets, vehicular assets, roads, water, electricity, sewage plant & pump stations, fire hydrants, whale deck, walking trails and parking area.

All roads and infrastructure are in place and completed at The Brink Eco Estate